The Finest Quality USB Cables for Android & iOS

Stuck on what USB Cable does what? Know your Type-C from you USB-A, or your GX16?

Whatever your power requirements you need you’ll find premium solutions at JuicEBitz. Our in-house team design stylish, long-lasting and effective products at our base in Yorkshire.

Easily find the right cables for your requirements.

JuicEBitz provides the perfect accessories for all your devices, from smartphones and tablets to televisions, computers, specialist equipment and much more.

Our latest range includes this Premium Braided USB 2.0 Male to USB-C (Type C). This fast charger data cable has an attractive red design. It has a 56kΩ Pull Up Resistor and is made with a premium quality, low resistance 20 AWG pure tinned copper core.

We offer hundreds of cables and many do certain different things. USB Type-C also has many, many different compatible Power Delivery Profiles, as well as Data Transfer Capabilities - not all cables do the same thing - so please ask if you are unsure.

Explore our latest range of USB Type-C cables today. Or please contact our team for more information if you are unsure on what your device needs.