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    USB Type C

    The latest USB connector that will pilot the future. A single connection that can be integrated with all chargers and compatible devices - a reversible connector with a wide range of applications. USB Type C has many different combinations in both power ratings and data transfer speeds. Not all USB-C cables are the same.

    Please ask if you are unsure about what your device needs or is compatible with. Some operations will not be featured on your device, and some cables cannot do the same features as others.

    USB-C to USB-C cables can come in various Power Delivery profiles such as 18W / 36W / 60W and 100W. For this purpose alone - please read the listing description.

    USB-C can also be integrated with all different types of data protocols. Some devices are capable of full audio and video output - but only with the right cable. Such characteristics are only available in the highest 3.1 or 3.2 versions of the cables, but the device itself also needs to be built with these functions. Those with only power and data lines are not capable of these additional functions.