Find The Right Type C Charger Cable For Your Device

USB Type C is one of the most important of modern charging solutions, providing a single connection that’s ideal for a wide range of devices.

They have a reversible connector and many combinations of power ratings and data transfer speeds. These include power delivery profiles such as 18W / 36W / 60W and 100W.

However, it’s important to realise that not all USB-C cables are the same. For instance, some are capable of full audio and video output, but it has to be the correct cable.

If you’re not sure which is right for your device, it’s important to check the manual or talk to our expert team. Our compatible brands include Apple, Huawei, Nokia, LG, Samsung and Sony.

Our type C charger cables include this USB 2.0 Male to USB-C (Type C) 20AWG, 3A Fast Charger Data Cable.

These white cables deliver stable, quick charging of mobile phones and tablets along with data transfer up to USB 2.0 specifications.

Rated five-stars by our customers, it’s compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC), as well as being 100% compatible with standard 5V charging.

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Check out our latest selection of type C charger cables. Or simply contact our friendly team today.