Why Braided USB Cables Are Increasingly Popular

Find your USB cables frequently need replacing?

Simply use braided cables for your devices instead. You might have noticed these kinds of USB cables have become hugely popular over the past few years. The reason for this is not just down to aesthetics. In fact, there’s plenty of practical reasons to braided cables over rubber designs.

Braided cables have a longer lifespan than non-braided designs.

Braided cables are also well-loved because they don’t stick together and become entangled like rubber designs. If you’re someone who often ends up with a tangled drawer of cables, they prevent this from happening.

JuicEBitz has a huge range of braided cables available including USB, audio and data cables.

Many of our designs have a striking red colour which makes them easy to find among your collection of cables. Our top of the range products are made from the finest materials, including 

the Braided USB 2.0 Male to USB-C (Type C) 20AWG. Featuring an external nylon braid, it provides exceptional cable protection and overall tensile strength.

This  3A Fast Charger Data Cable is compatible with Qualcomm Quick Chargeand Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC). It’s also compatible with standard 5V charging.

JuicEBitz has weekly deals with our latest including savings on flat HDMI and an extra 5 % off your order.

Check out our latest range of braided USB cables today. Or contact our friendly team for more details.