USB-C Cables Manufactured To The Finest Standards

Established in 2012, JuicEBitz is committed to providing the finest quality cable products, all of which are made using superior materials.

Our cable assemblies are both attractive and offer an optimal performance. Since we offer market-leading warranties, you can enjoy complete peace of mind when buying with JuicEBitz.

Among our range are USB cables in a number of colours and styles, including those suitable for mobiles phones and tablets, computers, cameras and much more. That includes Type-C USB cables which are ideal for the efficient transfer of power and data transfer and now available up to one hundred watts of power (100W) and up to 10Gbps data speed defined by USB-C, Version 3.1 which can be found in our PRO Collection.

USB-C cables are more commonly used for popular portable devices, from smartphones and laptops to security cameras.

This range includes fast charger USB-C cables which are perfect for safe, stable and speedy charging. Among this collection is this eye-catching Braided USB-C Red Fast Charger Data Cable, which starts from just £4.99. Thanks to its stylish red design, it will be easy to find amongst your ever growing collection of cables.

Before buying any of our cables, it’s important to ensure it’s the right solution for your device. Our team is always happy to help find the right products for your needs.

Explore our latest range of USB-C cables or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.