Stylish And Long-Lasting Braided USB Cables

One of the biggest benefits of braided cables is their durability. Since the cords won’t kink as easily and also offer more torque so damage is less likely to occur, especially around the strain relief which happens where tugging of the cable itself rather than pulling the connector to remove them from the device happens.

Braided wire shielding reinforces the strength of a cable and this is a major beneficial component in manufacturing quality cables that means it can withstand impact damage as well as frequent pulling and bending. Our 20AWG reinforced braided cables can withstand in excess of 20,000+ swing revolutions (cable swing test) with a 1kg load; compared to other conventional cables that may not even pass the low thousands, as they may only have thin cores inside a void of thin coated PVC or TPE jackets.

Altogether, our cables are engineered to the highest standards, meaning that they will be replaced less often – that’s why we offer up to 3 Years Warranty on our designs.

When you purchase a new mobile phone, the manufactures only offer 3 to 6 months warranty on the cable and 1 year on the phone. So ours are guaranteed to last more than 12 times longer compared to other major brands, e.g. Samsung and Huawei.

They also look aesthetically pleasing and, since they’re more distinctive and custom designed to make it easier to find the right cable for your device and the envy of all your friends!

JuicEBitz has a huge range of USB cables available on our website, including braided designs like this Fast Charging USB Type C Cable.

These Premium 20AWG USB Type C to USB Type C cables are compatible with all USB-C PD Chargers. They’re perfect if you want to enjoy safe, stable, quick charging of mobile phones and tablets. They can also be used for data transfer up to USB2.0 specification, 480mbps.

Our Pro Series are engineered with USB3.0 technology, offering data transfer speeds up to 5Gbps, or 10Gbps for full USB3.1 models.

Braided USB cables are one of the many products you’ll find at competitive prices on our website. Whatever the type of device you have, we have cabling solutions for many of the UK’s most popular brands.

All our products are designed and manufactured in-house and meet the highest quality standards. We use the finest raw materials to ensure all cables are long-lasting and the most precise manufacturing processes to ensure our cables meet the highest quality control standards.

You’ll also enjoy market-leading warranties for complete peace of mind.

Choose JuicEBitz for replacement USB cables and you’ll also have fast deliveries and excellent customer service, always.

Why not explore our selection of braided USB cables today? Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.