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    Customer Returns

    If you wish to return an item - you may do so using our returns portal at the bottom of this page, within 30 days of purchase. If you use our returns label, this will be deducted from your refund amount, which is currently £2.99.

    Please read for more information about returns and warranty replacements as these need to be authorised by us, before anything can be sent.

    You can use this service for the above charge for instances such as:

    - No longer needed/wanted
    - Incorrect item purchased
    - Wrong size/doesn't fit

    and similar reasons that do not constitute a return for "warranty or replacement", without contacting us beforehand.

    Important information regarding warranty:

    Our warranty only covers genuine manufacture defects, which are normally discovered within the first month of use. We follow the market in electronics and as most retailers do by accepting returns or issuing replacements without prejudice within three months.

    After this time, our full terms and conditions come into effect and as such, if an item is subject to cosmetic damage, fair wear and tear, accidental damage or any other cause such as this, then the following will apply:

    Declaration: I/We (the customer or representative) admit that:

    1. I have read the full terms and conditions relating to my purchase as outlined in Section 14, of our Terms & Conditions of Sale.

    2. That I have inspected the item(s) to check for any possible inadvertent damage that may have been caused by myself or third party, knowingly or unknowingly; and that the items are in a good state of repair and have been looked after as such.

    3. I have contacted JuicEBitz Customer Services team who have been through technical support to which I was assigned a valid ticket ID - and they have generated me a unique RMA code to use.

      NB: (for ‘defective/doesn’t work) this is essential to have, otherwise you will be charged the following fee(s) and the amount deducted from the cost of the products ordered.

    4. I understand that I may be charged a £15.00 admin fee & the cost of returning the item(s) to me, as well as the £2.99 return postage fee (to us) if this service is not adhered to correctly, by way of any of the following points:

    5. If an engineer report states otherwise or if the goods are returned in a state that is materially different to that in which they were received; no packaging, missing parts (for returns outside of RMA), or damaged items from installation that are then not fit for resale, or for any reason within our exclusions and limitations to our terms of service then I will be charged as stated above in Section (4). This also means that if I have failed to inspect or abuse the returns process I may also be charged accordingly.

    6. I understand that JuicEBitz accepts no liability for items that are lost or damaged in transit and it is the responsibility then of the sender to claim back any losses from the carrier, in all instances. For this reason, we advise that all customers retain Proof of Posting when using our Tracked Returns Service.

    7. By using our Tracked Returns Service for any other reason than ‘Doesn’t Work/Defective’ there will be a £2.99 returns charge which will be deducted from the amount I am refunded, classed as a standard returns postage fee.

    8. I understand I can use my own method of posting if I do not wish to use this service and am not obliged to use this service in any way or form. however I agree to obtain a Proof of Posting Receipt for any method I chose in returning items, which are my own responsibility to ensure that suitable postage methods are used.

    Royal Mail’s current prices are available here: Royal Mail Prices (these are subject to change at any time and should only be used as a guide).

    Customer Declaration:

    "By using this service I accept and confirm that I have fully read and understand the Terms & Conditions of Sale, in addition to the important information and additional clauses above. If I am returning an item as it is no longer required or incorrectly ordered, the postage fee alone will be deducted. However, I understand that if I abuse this service, I will be charged accordingly as set out above. In addition to this, should I fail to make payment then my details may be passed over to an agent to recover the costs, which may be considerably more than the initial fees charged to me, determined by them directly and outside of JuicEBitz control".

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