Reasons to choose a Right Angled iPhone cable

The right angled iPhone cable is becoming increasingly popular due to its advantages in providing a more convenient and efficient way of charging and syncing an iPhone. Its flexible design allows for easily connecting the cable to the phone, while its 90 degrees angle prevents the cable from disconnecting while using the phone while charging, pointing away from the body.

They are also popular with iPad users - as the tablets are commonly used on their side - so the charging port is already at an angle. The cable can then be directed towards or away from the user as it is also reversible.

Right angled iPhone cables are ideal for people who are constantly on their mobile phone but don’t want to disrupt their charging sessions. Since the cord is at a 90-degree angle, the phone can easily be held at a comfortable angle that does not put strain on the user's hand. Not only does this reduce the strain and the risk of discomfort, it also allows the user to use their phone without having to reach far and awkwardly around the cable. This angled design also makes it easy to view the phone display while charging. This is especially ideal when using the phone while charging in the bedroom or while using the phone in the car.

Our uniquely designed cables are much more durable than other brands, since their 90-degree design puts less tension on the cable, but we also use thick 20AWG power cores which are stronger and provide faster charging than thin cables as there is more amperage going through the wire (when used with the appropriate mains adapter).

Not only does this help prevent cable from being easily pulled apart from the wiring, it also reduces the chance of cables being snapped when accidents such as tripping or cable snagging occurs. This makes this right angle designed cable much safer and longer lasting under normal use. This can be crucial when buying a cable to keep around, since their durability means fewer likely replacements. We offer an 18 Month Warranty on this Core Series

Finally, these cables are more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional straight cables. It allows the user to maintain a neat workspace without any cables getting in the way or cluttering the area. This is especially ideal for offices or living spaces with a lot of people or tight spaces.

In conclusion, right angled iPhone and iPad cables provide many advantages over the conventional straight cables. Not only are they more comfortable for the user, their durability makes them a great choice for long term use. Moreover, the easier connection and disconnection ensures convenience, while the cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing design make them ideal for those looking to maintain a neat workspace. All in all, the right-angled iPhone cable is the perfect choice for those looking for an efficient and practical charging and syncing solution.

At JuicEBitz we are confident you’ll find everything you need in one place, but if you are still unsure just simply contact us for further assistance.