Order High Quality Audio Cables At Competitive Prices

Based in the beautiful county of Yorkshire, JuicEBitz designs and manufactures audio interconnects for valued clients across the UK.

Our products include the finest quality audio cables, including analogue and digital optical audio. These can be used to connect many different devices, and ideal for interconnecting many popular brands such as Marantz, Denon, Sony, Cambridge Audio, Fender and Marshall but to name a few.

Meanwhile our audio cables available in RCA – also called Stereo Phono cables are available in either male to male, or male to female connections. Also offered are 3.5mm audio which are referred to as auxiliary, headphone or even aux cables for short, as well as XLR speaker or microphone leads and 6.35mm jack guitar leads, for live production and stage artists. JuicEBitz professional audio cables are ideal for lag less, direct connections giving high performance audio reproduction – true to the original source and particularly popular in custom high end audio-visual setups such as home cinema and hi-fi separates.

Enjoy an audio signal that is much truer to the original recording with JuicEBitz Pro Series Stereo Phono Cables.

Our digital audio cables include Toslink® Optical Cables, a fibre optic connection system most commonly used with audio equipment via a digital optical output socket. Because these cables use fiber optic, they will be completely free from distortion caused by electrical or magnetic interference incurred by electrical cables and other appliances in close proximity.

If you need more information on our audio cables, our friendly sales and technical support team are always happy to assist.

If you’re looking to buy high performance quality audio cables, don’t forget to explore our latest collections today, or alternatively simply call or contact us for more information.