High Quality 2m iPhone Charger Cables

The way we charge devices is constantly evolving. It’s been recently announced that iPhones will be switching over to USB-C chargers to comply with EU laws. That means future Apple phones will be able to use standardised chargers. This law is designed to reduce the level of e-waste and simplify life for customers.

Whatever power solutions you’re after for your smartphone, you’ll find them on JuicEBitz.

Nowadays, functional items like USB cables and chargers are becoming more stylish. After all, we use these items on a daily basis- why shouldn’t they look as great as they perform?

Designs like braided USB cables also enable your accessories to last longer. Extra long cables are also brilliant if you often find yourself too far from the socket. Less strain on the cable means that it will last much longer.

Get the ideal charger cables for your requirements.

Here at JuicEBitz all our accessories are made using the finest materials, with many coming with competitive warranties.

We have charger cables in a wide range of lengths, from short and neat, to long and convenient. Among our latest collection is this Blue iPhone Charger Cable that’s available up to 5 metres long. Custom engineered and fully compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod models, it’s backed by an 18 month warranty.

If you’re looking for 2m iPhone charger cables, check out our latest collection today. Or don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.