Great Savings On Our Premium Guitar Cables

Want to enjoy a professional true to life audio reproduction from your electric guitar?

Every time you plug in your guitar, it should be a pleasurable experience that fills you with anticipation. If you find yourself wincing over the crackling or buzzing, it’s time to find a new cable provider. Playing an instrument is one of life’s biggest pleasures for most, but in order to get the best out of your guitar, it’s crucial to have the best accessories for them too.

If you often suffer from unwanted excess noise, such as audible buzz, you might want to upgrade to our high quality custom designed cables.

JuicEBitz has the finest cables which will enhance the sound of an instrument. They’re also ideal for ensuring that the sound of someone’s voice is delivered with exceptional clarity, and we offer Microphone cables and XLR cables to accompany our range.

JuicEBitz currently has a sale on our premium guitar and instrument cables, including those which come with a 2-Year Warranty as standard. A perfect accompaniment to many well—known guitar brands. If you are lucky enough to own one, then give your iconic Gibson Les Paul or your Fender Stratocaster a much needed reliable cable, and suitable for all music genres.

Whether you’re looking for high quality cables for an electric guitar, electric acoustic guitar, bass guitar, amplifier or effects pedals - our cables are compatible with all 6.35mm (1/4" Jack) plug connections. With our Pro Series, you can play like never before and we offer a Lifetime Warranty for audio-loss and audio-degradation on this range. 

Explore our range of premium guitar cables or please contact our team for more information.