Great Prices For Fibre Optic HDMI Cables

Fibre optic cables are brilliant for delivering signal over longer distances, without a degradation in the quality of the signal or lip-sync. Consequently, many consider them to be the cables of the future.

When used for an internet connection or video streaming, they deliver faster speeds, quicker downloads and far greater reliability. They’re capable of supporting extremely high bandwidth lengths. In short, fibre optic cables are well worth the investment.

These are just one of the types of Certified HDMI cables we manufacture to the finest standards at JuicEBitz.

Our Pro Series 4K HDMI Fibre Optic Cable is renowned for its exceptional performance and speed.

These easy to install cables have processing chips at either end, eradicating the need for power adapters or signal boosters. They’re also exceptionally light compared to standard copper HDMI cables and as such can also be fitted for permanent installation with ease.

This bandwidth allows for support of 4K video resolutions, with highly detailed frame rates and deep, vivid colour reproduction. It will also support advanced audio streams and a range of other features that are not available in previous HDMI versions.

Based in Yorkshire, JuicEBitz creates all cable designs in-house, using the finest possible materials. Even in our standard ranges, this means we never use inferior conductor materials like copper clad alloy or steel (CCA or CCS). Instead you’ll benefit from cables made using 99.999% oxygen free pure copper which are generally tin or silver plated to enhance performance too.

For more information on our Fibre Optic HDMI cables, please contact our team for more information.