Find The Ideal USB Mains Charger For Your Samsung Device

Yorkshire is not only home to the Brontes, the poet Ted Hughes, and some of the most stunning countryside in Britain. It’s also where our cables are designed in-house. JuicEBitz is a reliable supplier of premium accessories for all your devices. 

Our high performance products are made using superior materials like 99.9% oxygen free pure copper, that is usually plated with tin or silver to increase performance and reduce voltage drop, audio lag or visual distortion.

Has your USB mains charger bitten the dust over Christmas? 

JuicEBitz has an extensive choice of quality charging solutions for leading brands like Samsung. 

Whether you’re looking to power up your Samsung smartphone, laptop or television, you’ll find what you need on our website. 

Among our latest products is the JuicEBrick PD18W QC3.0 USB-C PD Charger. Ultra Compact, it is a two-port USB Mains Charger which is ideal for speedy charging. With this brilliant mains charger, you can use your USB-C to C, or USB-A to C cables to effectively charge your phones and tablets. 

It comes with a free small travel bag with room for your cable, making it the ideal travel companion.

If you’re looking for a USB mains charger for Samsung, check out our latest products or contact our friendly team for more details.