Find The Best Replacement Charger Cable For Your iPad

Does your charger cable have fraying or broken wires? Is it delivering painfully slow charging speeds?

Many of us dream of having devices that stay charged for days at a time. Unfortunately, most modern devices still can’t do this. However, with the right cable, you can enjoy faster and more efficient charging so you spend less time waiting to be powered up.

If you’re consistently enduring sluggish charging, the chances are there’s something wrong with the cable or your battery.

If it’s the cable, you might also find it is erratic when it comes to connecting. Or it might connect but deliver little charge. Nothing is more frustrating than leaving your iPhone or iPad to charge overnight, then finding it’s still on only 30% in the morning!

JuicEBitz has a wide choice of high quality chargers, including those for iPhones and iPads.

Among this collection is this Apple MFi Certified Lightning USB Data Sync Charger Cable which starts from only £8.99. Coming with a 2 Year Warranty as standard for this series, it delivers reliable, stable charging for all models of Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod.

If you need help finding the right charger for your device, we’re always keen to assist you.

JuicEBitz is introducing many exciting products over the next few months, from USB-C docking hubs to GaN Chargers and much more. So, don’t forget to keep an eye on our website!

If you’re looking for the best replacement chargers for your ipad, check out our latest range today.