Explore Our Range Of HDMI Leads For Sky Q

The right cables will ensure your devices operate at optimal levels. JuicEBitz wants to help you make the most of your technology with the best quality accessories. 

If you regularly transmit digital video or audio to your computer or TV, which means you’re using HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface). The right leads will ensure you enjoy the most outstanding audio and video.

All of our HDMI products are subsequently engineered and developed in line with HDMI Authority, so fully certified to the required standard.

Currently on offer are these Flat HDMI Ultra HD High Speed Cable with straight or angled connectors; a combination of which you can choose any of within the rest of our store. These Premium series flat HDMI v2.0 Cables allow you to connect your devices together pretty much any way you choose. Since you can mix and match the connectors, it’s easy to adapt them to suit your own arranged installation.

Ideal for use with Sky Q, it enables you to enjoy super high definition video and crystal-clear audio. 4k Ultra HD is featured in the majority of devices and streaming services, from Roku or Apple TV boxes, Playstation, PC and XBox as well as all Bluray players and most DVD players.

HDMI 2.0 is still perhaps the most common and sought after cable in this generation, providing backward compliance and a host of features such as ARC (Audio Return Channel), CEC (Consumer Electronic Control), crystal clear resolutions up to 4K@50/60hz (2160p), which is 4 times the clarity of 1080p/60fhz video and up to 32 audio channels for a multi-dimensional immersive audio experience

We also have the Pro Series 4k Fibre Optic HDMI Cable Lead-Ultra High-Speed Cord, which is available in a variety of lengths – perfect for long distance installations as well as harnessing the super-speed signal transfer being lazer digital/optical and no copper wiring.

This HDMI cord is compatible with not only Sky Q and Sky HD, but a long list of other devices, including laptops and PCs.

Rated five stars by over 6,000 customers on Trustpilot, JuicEBitz is your go-to place for power cables and chargers. We pride ourselves on both high quality cables and first-class customer service. All our products are delivered in 100% Biodegradable and compostable packaging sleeves. This packaging is certified to EN13432 standard, a more eco-friendly solution to PE (Plastic).

If you’re looking for HDMI leads for use with your Sky installation, explore our latest collection today.