Discover Your Ideal Android Charger Cable At JuicEBitz

Fed up of your Android phone charging too slowly?

If your current charger is agonisingly turgid, the chances are it’s not the right one for your device. Newer USB cable ports, such as USB Type-C are designed for faster charging and data transfers (providing you have a device optimised for these types of speeds).

Keeping your charging point clean will also ensure that a secure, solid connection is established to maintain good signals and connectivity. It’s therefore important to clean it out with compressed air, interdental tooth pick or a small brush from time to time.

Matching the ideal charger to your Android device.

Android is now the most popular mobile phone platform in the world. It holds a massive global market lead over iOS. One reason for this is there’s a wider price range for Android devices.

JuicEBitz has a wonderful collection of accessories for Android devices, including charging cables. That includes USB mains, desktop or in-car chargers for mobile phones, tablets and other devices.

No matter if you own an Apple or Android device, JuicEBitz has an extensive selection of charger cables. All our products are designed in-house at our base in Yorkshire.

Currently reduced by 38% is this Micro USB to USB Fast Charger & High Speed Data Cable. Now only £2.49 and available in a range of lengths, it’s compatible with any device. This cable will deliver fast charging and high speed data transfers.

Unless you’re a techy, finding the right accessories can be tricky. If you’re not sure which cable is right for you, please contact our team and we would love to help.

If you’re looking for Android charger cables, don’t forget to explore our selection today.