Choosing a high quality affordable USB Cable for your device

When it comes to USB cables, it is important to select a reliable and durable product that will ensure you have a connection that is reliable, secure, and long-lasting. Our USB cables offer a number of features and benefits including some mentioned below.

Durability – JuicEBitz USB cables are constructed with top-quality materials which are designed to stand the test of time. The cable is made with durable PVC plastic which is designed to be flexible yet strong. This ensures that the cable will not easily fray or break, even if it is subject to heavy use or being bent. Furthermore, many of our cables are reinforced with a braided nylon sheath which is designed to protect the cable from external damage.

Connection Quality – JuicEBitz USB cables are designed to ensure a stable and secure connection that is free from interference. The cable is designed to reduce signal loss; with their thick pure copper conductors which pass the most amperage to your device at a stable and safe current and data transfer is uninterrupted, whatever the situation.

Market Leading Warranty – One of the biggest advantages of choosing a JuicEBitz USB cable is that it comes with a long warranty. This warranty provides you with total peace of mind as you can be assured that they will receive a replacement product if the cable should fail subject to our terms of service. Each cable is individually checked and tested and has a unique serial number attached to one end of the cable - so please do not remove this as it will void all warranty.

Affordability – Our range of cables are an affordable option for those looking to purchase a reliable USB cable. Compared to other USB cables on the market we are leading the way in innovation and design and have over 6000+ verified reviews to prove this as shown on Trustpilot.

Find the correct USB cable for your device is easy, with our filter options in every area of the site. Or just search the make and model of your device to see if a recommendation pops up.

If you need any further support or advice please contact us for further assistance.