Check Out Our Latest USB Type-C Charger Cables

When looking for replacement charger cables for a device, it’s helpful to look at the manual if you still have it. This will advise the correct type and prevent you from making a mistaken purchase.

Type-C ports are capable of transmitting data at a much higher rate, making them highly convenient. The ‘C’ refers to the connector's physical configuration or form factor, not its capabilities.

Type-C charger cables are some of the most commonly used for smartphones, tablets, laptops and much more. As the industry standard for transmitting data and power, you’re likely to have more of these cables than any other.

With our stylish charging solutions at JuicEBitz, keeping your devices ‘juiced up’ has never been more fun.

Our latest range includes the 20AWG USB Type C to C 3A Charger Cable Data Transfer Lead in black. Made using the finest materials, it has aluminium foil shielding and a heavy duty lifespan PVC jacket.

We also have this USB-C to USB-C (Type-C) 3A 18W Fast Charger Data Cable which is compatible with all USB-C PD Chargers, providing safe and speedy charging of mobile phones and tablets. It’s also ideal for data transfer up to USB 2.0 specifications, 480mbps.

If you’re looking for Premium Type-C charger cables, explore our latest collection today. Or don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information.