Check Out Our Collection Of Professional Guitar & Instrument Cables

The perfect partner for all musical enthusiasts out there, from the avid learner and bedroom DJ to the next on stage rock superstar, live performance or recording studio session - JuicEBitz delivers a huge range of high quality affordable cables for all our customers. That includes our market leading 6.35mm Jack Leads (Guitar Cables), that are now available in multiple designs with a Lifetime Warranty for loss of audio signal and signal deterioration as we construct our cables with the most resilient and purest metals known to man – ensuring a life-long ‘realistic’ sound reproduction each and every time.

The ability to play a musical instrument is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you play the keyboard, synth or guitar; or are a keen vocalist or ambitious DJ; the cables you use can have a big impact on audio quality and signal reproduction. This is particularly important if you frequently play to a live audience or use a studio to record your performances.

Find top quality Audio, XLR and Jack leads for your instrument, speakers and microphones at JuicEBitz.

This range includes these 6.35mm Jack to Jack 1/4" Cables designed to connect a variety of instruments such as synths, keyboards, guitars, effects pedals and other professional audio equipment to an amplifier, speaker or similar.

Like all our cables, it’s made using the finest materials. Manufactured using 99.999% Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) conductors, this ensures enhanced signal clarity, making it perfectly sound for any level user.

The construction of these cables promises a low resistance and lossless audio signal to be created. With our instrument cables, you’ll always enjoy a superior performance, secure and stable connection as well as being just perfect for all your needs, either as a beginner or a stage artist.

Explore our range of instrument cables or contact our team for more details.