Braided HDMI Cables To Improve Your Performance

Want to enjoy an enhanced, smooth display for action movies, sports or gaming?

If your device is compatible with HDMI 2.1, this kind of cable is a brilliant investment, giving you incredible quality displays that transform your experience. It’s particularly ideal if you’re a keen gamer or love watching fast-paced movies.

Among our latest collection is HDMI 2.1 cables which deliver an incredible 48Gbps bandwidth. This series of cable is now at the forefront of ultra HD. The drawback is that there’s currently limited numbers of devices and programs that support it, so it’s important to check its compatibility.

Our braided HDMI includes the PRO Series 8k HDMI v2.1 Braided Cable Ultra High Speed Lead.

Made using the finest materials, it supports higher spatial resolutions and improved frame rates including 8K/60Hz and 4K/120Hz. It can be used by Playstation 5 and XBox users who want unbeatable gameplay without lagging or pixel deterioration.

We also have HDMI 2.0 cables like this PRO Series 4k Fibre Optic HDMI Cable Lead-Ultra High-Speed Cord. Using the latest in optoelectronic technology to transmit TMDS signals, it will connect your HDMI devices to your 4K HDTV, monitor or projector.

Whichever of our cables you choose, all our products are now delivered in 100% biodegradable and compostable packaging sleeves.

If you’re looking for braided HDMI cables, explore our latest range or contact our team for more information.