10 Reasons To Choose Us For All Your Aftermarket Cables & Accessories

If you need quality USB cables for your device, here’s just 10 reasons to choose JuicEBitz as your leading supplier:

  1. We provide cables and electronic accessories in a variety of designs, colours and sizes, including strong, angled (L Shape) USB cables that look as great as they perform. Available in a variety of unique colours which will make organising your cables much easier, such as this Purple Angled USB iPhone Charger.
  2. No matter if you’re looking for products for mobile phones, tablets, computers or cameras, you’ll find affordable solutions to suit every budget.
  3. JuicEBitz provides exceptional customer support, both before and after you make a purchase and generally all queries are answered the same day/next business day – you can rely on us to be there for you whenever the situation arrives.
  4. All our products come with a minimum of 18 months warranty (core series), up to our PRO Series that have a 3-year warranty as standard. Our Audio & Video cables also come with a lifetime warranty for any signal (picture and audio loss) should there ever be an instance of degradation in the conductor materials.
  5. We design our products through extensive Research & Development, according to market trends and use the finest materials that money can buy, ensuring that less electronic waste ends up in landfill as we aim to make your one purchase your only purchase through considerate and advanced manufacturing techniques.
  6. We are environmentally aware: using 100% Biodegradable, Compostable and Recyclable Packaging, certified to EN13432 standard.
  7. Whatever device you might be buying for, all our cables are certified to or above the set global specification standards.
  8. An extensive range of aesthetically pleasing designs, available in different combinations of USB Data and Power Delivery specifications, which include Micro-B, Mini-B, Mini-AB, Type-B, Type-C and 8-Pin (Apple Lightning), all of which are competitively priced.
  9. We are a Yorkshire Based Company, with 10 Years’ industry experience in cable design and manufacturing.
  10. Our Trustpilot ratings says it all: our customers’ rate us “Excellent!” (4.9/5.0*), with thousands of verified reviews. 

Discover more reasons to choose JuicEBitz and please do not hesitate to contact us today for further support.