care for cables

Caring for your cables

Caring for your cables

Caring for your cables

We are all most likely guilty of this at some point in our lives, and educating our younger ones and even reminding ourselves from time to time will make cables last longer, if not for ever until they are no longer used due to technological upgrades.

Things to remember:

1. pull out of devices from the connector head always, and not from the cord. By pulling from the cable cord it can result in the inner cores being pulled and eventually break and fray internally. The protective cable jacket normally breaks first and then the internal mechanical parts.

2. route cables as not to avoid tripping hazards and remove cables connected to other devices before repositioning them. Remember that accidental damage is not a valid warranty claim.

3. cables should be stored with a natural curve radius to them. Do not wrap cables too tightly and never fold them back on themselves. Help protect your cables when not in use by using the supplied velcro fasteners to keep them in good shape ready for the next use.

If all the above is followed, your cables will last a very long time.

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