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    CAT7 Flat Shielded Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 LAN SFTP Patch Cable LSZH - Red

    Original price £3.99 - Original price £28.99
    Original price
    £3.99 - £28.99
    Current price £24.99
    Length: 25m

    Our Premium Series Flat Double Shielded CAT7 gigabit ethernet 600mhz RJ45/CAT7 networking cables provide a fast and reliable wired connection between hundreds of LAN devices; e.g computers, laptops, games consoles, routers, switches and more. Ethernet cables are often referred to as RJ45, LAN, Network Cables, Internet or Patch Leads.

    Backward compliance to CAT6 and CAT5, our cables are perfect for any home or office installation and come with a lifetime warranty.

    Ultra-Fast Premium Double Shielded Connections

    Each cable is fully shielded to effectively reduce the potential for cross-talk and interference including electronic (EMI) and radio (RMI). Not only do we use double shielding for our high-performance cables, but also Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH / LS0H) instead of PVC for the outer sheath which means that it has enhanced fire protection performance. Low-smoke zero-halogen material is becoming very popular, and can be required when the safety of people and equipment is critical. Plus, we also add a shielded, gold plated modular connector for extra protection.

    The cable is enclosed in individually shielded twisted cables in a braided shield. Future-proof your existing connections and upgrade to the latest, slimmest CAT7 network cables on the market.

    Build High-Speed Networks with Flexible, Stable Connections

    Our Heavy Duty Ultra Slim CAT7 Cables are made out of 32AWG 100% Pure Copper and a custom moulded design which has a number of advantages over traditional cables as they can be routed through tight spaces, around corners and also behind skirting boards and under carpets.

    The CAT7 (Category 7) LAN cable specification certifies that the cable is able to support speeds of up to 10 Gbps (10,000 Mbps). You can also expect lossless performance due to our high grade construction and manufacturing process along with the capability to support of 600 Mhz of bandwidth availability means that the cables will withstand heavy bandwidth connections no matter what your intended use.

    • Category Standard: CAT7 Patch/LAN/RJ45 Cable
    • Patch Cable Technology: Double Shielded Twisted Pair (D*SFTP) - compatible with all Ethernet Categories including predecessors (backward compliant).
    • RJ45 Connectors: Male to Male / Gold Plated Shielded Metal Modular Plugs / Crystal Red
    • Pins: Gold Plated 50 Micron
    • Fasteners Included: Yes, Velcro Hook & Loop
    • Cable Thickness: 2mm
    • Outer Jacket: Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH / LS0H)
    • American Wire Gauge (AWG): 32AWG
    • Conductor Material: Tinned Pure Copper
    • Colour: Red
    • Warranty: Lifetime.