0.25m Premium Digital Optical Audio Cable (TOSlink SPDIF)


0.25m Premium Digital Optical Audio Cable (TOSlink SPDIF) 0.25m Premium Digital Optical Audio Cable (TOSlink SPDIF) 0.25m Premium Digital Optical Audio Cable (TOSlink SPDIF)
0.25m Premium Digital Optical Audio Cable (TOSlink SPDIF)

0.25m Premium Digital Optical Audio Cable (TOSlink SPDIF)


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Premium Digital Optical Audio Cables with 1mm PMMA Conductors giving you a pure, definitive audio signal to your home entertainment system.

TOSLINK® or optical cable is a fibre optic connection system. Most commonly used with audio equipment via a "digital optical" output socket whereby it carries a digital audio stream from devices such as CD, DVD, Blu-Ray players and modern Video GameCconsoles as well as TV's and TV Boxes to an A/V receiver such as Dolby® Surround Sound Systems that can decode the stream of audio and output this signal through a set of loudspeakers or home cinema kit, including most modern sound bars.

Since TOSLINK® uses fibre-optic cable, it is free from distortion caused by electrical or magnetic interference that an electrical cable would incur.
The result is an audio signal that is more defined, purer, as well as truer to the original recording.


  • Premium Quality 6mm Diameter Cable
  • High Quality 1mm PMMA Conductors
  • Casing Material: Zinc Alloy Metal Shells offer optimum protection whilst visually appealing
  • Connectors: Toslink Male to Toslink Male; Gold Plated (protective cap included for storage and transportation - please remove before use)
  • Connects to various devices including Sky, Sky+HD, Blu-Ray, A/V Receivers, Dolby® Digital & DTS Surround Sound, DVD Players, Smart TV's, Amps, Sound Bar's & Home Theatre Systems, but to name a few.
  • Optical fibre for distortion-free sound
  • Supports 5.1/7.1 channel digital surround sound

NB: All manufacturers will state in their manuals what cable is required and generally will supply a basic one with your setup. If in doubt, you can find the information on their support pages of their website. Most devices are supplied with a cable of approximately 0.9m - 1.2m, so where this is not adeate enough or if you are upgrading all your cables and want a complete professional installation, these complete the job. We also supply matching HDMI Leads in HDMI v1.4 and HDMI v2.0. If you are unsure as to what cable you need and cannot find the required information, you can simply email us contact.us@juicebitz.co.uk or call 01723 332269 and one of our advisers will be happy to help. Choosing the right cable and connection type is important, so please do not simply order because of appearance online or price, for instance. If in doubt please ask us as we do not offer free returns for incorrectly ordered items.

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Series Ooh-La-La
Colour Red/Black
Length 0.25m
Connector A Toslink, Male
Connector B Toslink, Male
Material 1mm PMMA
Compatibility Surround sound systems and audio devices that support digital audio.
Certifications CE/ROHS, FCC
Audio Cable Digital Audio

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